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When Great Minds Collaborate, Anything Can Happen

by Mario Günter | SAPinsider, Volume 18, Issue 3

August 16, 2017

As new technologies continue to emerge, organizations must consider how best to harness these innovations to meet their most pressing needs and drive their business forward. Connecting with peers to share successes, deployment strategies, and technology recommendations is invaluable to making the best possible decision for your business, and this type of collaborative setting is the foundation on which DSAG is built. Learn how DSAG fosters a cooperative relationship with its members and with SAP to help organizations solve their business challenges and find the answers they need to be successful.

The past 20 years have seen great technological change, both in the consumer and enterprise spaces. From desktops and mainframes to apps and the cloud, DSAG has seen it all and continued to thrive due to its cooperative relationship with its members and with SAP. This year marks the 20th anniversary of DSAG, and as new innovations emerge, DSAG will do its part to help members drive their business forward by harnessing the latest and greatest in technology.

Whether it’s through discussion groups with other SAP users or networking at SAP events, DSAG members can connect with peers and tackle real-world challenges together. This type of collaboration is the foundation on which DSAG is built, and DSAG will continue to support its members in the future.

Diversity Promotes Knowledge

As a unique community comprised of board members, spokespersons, SAP users, and professional offices, DSAG benefits from its diversity. Members across industries and from different backgrounds can get together to communicate and solve common challenges together. For example, many DSAG members are currently discussing how adopting new technologies like SAP S/4HANA and SAP BW/4HANA may affect their existing landscapes. This is what gives purpose to DSAG. Sharing successes, deployment strategies, and technology recommendations can only help the community grow. 

With 20 years of hands-on member participation and discussion, DSAG remains an active group in the SAP world. Members are encouraged to participate in events, seminars, or webinars to continue the conversations that impact today’s business. SAP users need a platform to voice their individual challenges and hear from their peers. After all, being able to connect with other SAP users in a collective setting is invaluable for decision making and proactively responding to new trends in the market.

Strengthen Relationships

Over the years, DSAG has gained a deep knowledge of SAP products as well as the networking capabilities to connect SAP users in a meaningful way. Currently, DSAG is concentrating on how it can offer expertise and insight in additional ways. While DSAG will always work with SAP and focus on SAP topics, we also want to help SAP customers understand broader technology topics, such as digital transformation and Industry 4.0. Companies taking on these endeavors have questions beyond SAP and its roadmap, and DSAG understands that its dialogue with members must include these concepts. Therefore, DSAG would like to contribute to a sustainable and comprehensive strategy that aligns with customer roadmaps.

The Upcoming Years

With more technology changes on the horizon, DSAG will continue to support its members through it all. Members can discuss their challenges openly and critically to solve problems and find the answers they need to be successful. No matter the industry or background, DSAG members can come together to define and achieve common goals. The sense of community in the SAP world will continue to evolve and grow as customers share their lessons learned and best practices — because when great minds collaborate, anything can happen.

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Mario Günter

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