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Data Centricity and a Modern Digital Transformation

by Paul Lewis, Chief Technology Officer, Hitachi Vantara | March 28, 2018

Paul Lewis, Chief Technology Officer, Hitachi Vantara, defines the modern digital transformation in a Q&A with SAPinsider. Lewis discusses the relevance of data-centric data strategies, the impact a data-centric approach has on IT and the business, and touches on data... MORE »»

Built-In Protection with SAP Cloud Platform

by Annette Fuchs | January 26, 2018

Companies that successfully handle data security breaches rely on a balanced combination of regulatory compliance and security technology. This article explains how SAP Cloud Platform integrates these concepts to provide reliable, built-in protection for SAP customers. You will learn the... MORE »»

Deploying Machine Learning to Build an Intelligent Enterprise

by Peter Russo | January 18, 2018

An absence of strategy trails only domain expertise as the reason why many companies have yet to adopt artificial intelligence and machine learning. Companies are challenged with how to apply these and other breakthrough technologies for business value. This article... MORE »»

ABAP and the Cloud

by Karl Kessler | November 9, 2017

As the longtime foundation for SAP’s solution portfolio, ABAP is central to SAP customer landscapes. To help these customers meet modern business needs, SAP continues to add enhancements and new capabilities for ABAP that bring the latest technologies — such... MORE »»

Access Expert Consultants with a Single Click

by Gaurav Jaiswal | November 9, 2017

Finding the right consulting services can be a costly and time-consuming task — but for SAP customers that need only routine, limited-scope services, it doesn’t have to be. SAP Store offers packaged digital services that can be discovered, purchased, and... MORE »»

Securing the Cloud with SAP Cloud Platform

by Gerold Hübner | November 8, 2017

Security is a major concern for anyone considering a move to the cloud ― along with the benefits of digitizing come increased risks due to code vulnerabilities, missing implementation of security patches, and misconfigurations, among others. So how do you... MORE »»

Innovation Comes in All Sizes

by Rodolpho Cardenuto | November 6, 2017

As organizations continue their digital transformation journey, new opportunities are emerging for SAP customers of all sizes. Small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) are rapidly embracing digitization strategies and are just as likely to adopt cloud models as those in the... MORE »»

A Digital Partner in the Cloud

by Ted Basile | October 9, 2017

Today, companies face enormous pressure to digitize the business and deliver on evolving customer expectations. To do so, organizations are increasingly leveraging cloud technology, but moving off their legacy on-premise infrastructure can be a complex and time consuming process. With... MORE »»

Choose the Cloud Journey That’s Right for You

by Carl Dubler | April 24, 2017

The cloud has enabled companies to quickly and easily implement technologies that would otherwise require complex and time-consuming implementation projects. With SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, this opportunity extends beyond one-off application deployments to include core systems such as SAP S/4HANA.... MORE »»

Make Your SAP S/4HANA Cloud Strategy As Unique As Your Business

by Julien Delvat | April 24, 2017

Every business is unique, and every business needs an SAP S/4HANA strategy – and a cloud strategy – that precisely fits its unique needs. When you migrate, how you migrate, and whether you should migrate to SAP S/4HANA and the... MORE »»