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Process Mining in the Cloud

by Keith Grayson, Senior Director of Database and Data Management Solution Management, SAP | April 30, 2019

Process mining solutions have emerged as powerful tools for supporting process optimization across increasingly global and complex landscapes. This article introduces SAP Process Mining by Celonis, cloud edition, a process mining solution that can be up, running, and productive in... MORE »»

Putting Ethics into Practice with Your SAP Security Strategy

by Guido Wagner, Chief Development Architect, SAP SE | April 23, 2019

As artificial intelligence (AI) moves toward becoming a standard technology in daily business, companies increasingly need to balance the potential risks posed by AI-based software with the pursuit of growth and success. This article provides guidance on how to mitigate... MORE »»

Introducing ABAP Platform 1809

by Karl Kessler, Vice President of Product Management ABAP Platform, SAP SE | April 15, 2019

While the cloud has been receiving the lion’s share of attention, a significant number of on-premise ABAP-based systems are running productively in SAP customer landscapes. To support these customers, SAP has released ABAP platform 1809, which serves as the technical... MORE »»

SAPinsider Magazine: The Inside Edge for SAP Customers Worldwide (Issue 1, 2019)

April 10, 2019

Access the latest insights from SAPinsider in this digital edition of the magazine, which includes articles that offer best practices, such as how to avoid cyber attackers targeting your SAP applications and how to transform your business in the era... MORE »»

Bringing the Intelligent Enterprise to Life

by Susan Galer | April 9, 2019

Embedding intelligence where it counts — company-wide — is essential to succeeding in the new experience economy. But how do you go about achieving this goal, and where do you even begin? This article looks at how the resources available... MORE »»

News from SAP and Partners (SAPinsider Vol. 20, Iss. 1)

April 3, 2019


Regain Control of SAP Journal Entries

by Andrew Hayden, Winshuttle Product Marketing Manager | April 1, 2019

Many companies struggle with a variety of problems regarding their journal entry processes — such as approval procedures, accounting requirements, and complex workflows — that are unique to their business. A good number of these are SAP customers that continue... MORE »»

Maximize Productivity Throughout the Intelligent Enterprise

by Cindy Morel, Director, SAP Global Marketing, SAP Solution Extensions | March 12, 2019

Over the years, more than 5,000 customers with tens of millions of users have confidently chosen to implement SAP Solution Extensions, which are products sold by SAP that are developed by third-party independent software vendors. SAP Solution Extensions enhance the... MORE »»

Tracing Cisco’s Blueprint for a Successful SAP Data Center

by Erik Lillestolen, Solution Product and Engineering Manager, SAP Data Center, Cisco | February 21, 2019

The traditional data center model is being expanded by a host of new technologies, such as the Internet of Things, data streaming, social media, and machine learning. To adapt to this new world, and to take full advantage of the... MORE »»

Comply with Mandatory E-Invoicing with Confidence

by Aalbert de Niet and Olivia Vorstheim | February 13, 2019

Over the years, companies have been replacing paper invoices with electronic versions to improve agility and to gain better insights into their business. In recent years, however, tax authorities and governmental organizations in an increasing number of countries have begun... MORE »»