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A Look at Current SAP Marketplace Trends

January 16, 2020

SAPinsider recently sat down with an expert in the SAPinsider community, Rohana Gunawardena, Director – SAP Practice, Exium Inc., to discuss some of the trends he’s seeing in the marketplace.


Dynamic Safety Stock Management

by Venkata Ramana Nethi, CSCP, CPIM, Business Process Lead - Operations | January 16, 2020

An organization’s strategic inventory policy and stocking strategies drive aggregate level inventory management (i.e., ABC/XYZ/LMN, etc. classification) which in turn drives item level inventory management. One of the most effective ways to perform item level inventory management on high volume... MORE »»

How The Davey Tree Expert Company Expanded Reach of Recruiting Efforts and Reduced Time to Hire

by AJ Whalen, Senior Research Analyst, SAPinsider | January 2, 2020

In a recent SAPinsider research survey, SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors customers were asked to identify which metrics were most important for measuring the success of their HCM strategies and actions. The leading answer was employee satisfaction (48%), but two... MORE »»

How Sealed Air Is Transforming Its Employee Learning Experience

by AJ Whalen, Senior Research Analyst, SAPinsider | December 20, 2019

Recently, employee experience has been dominating headlines and solution roadmaps across human capital management (HCM). While much of the discussion has been about the need to transform employee experience on a macro level through measuring and analyzing experience data, there... MORE »»

SAP Cybersecurity in an Age of Uncertainty

by Jhansi Bandaru, PMP Certified IT SAP/Security Compliance Lead | December 16, 2019

SAP systems contain highly sensitive data, and it is critical that organizations identify security vulnerabilities and implement corrective measures before any attackers do. This blog provides recommendations to help you deal with vulnerabilities in a proactive, concise, and effective way.


Change Is Coming to Financial Planning and Analysis:
Are You Ready?

by Craig Himmelberger, Senior Research Director for Finance and GRC, SAPinsider | December 11, 2019

Financial professionals are extremely focused on FP&A (financial planning & analysis). As SAPinsider prepares our 2020 studies, “The State of the Market for SAP Financial Planning and Analysis” and “The State of the Market for SAP Finance – a Benchmark... MORE »»

To Outsource or Not to Outsource: The Role Payroll Can Play in Cloud HCM Adoption

by Lauren Bonneau, Senior Editor, SAPinsider and AJ Whalen, Senior Research Analyst, SAPinsider | December 9, 2019

SAPinsider recently spoke with Mike Ellis, President, Rizing HCM APAC, to discuss the state of SAP SuccessFactors market today, global trends he is hearing from clients, and options for SAP customers in the area of outsourcing payroll specifically. Ellis, who... MORE »»

The Rise of Intelligence in Talent Acquisition and Retention

by AJ Whalen, Senior Research Analyst, SAPinsider | December 5, 2019

Few areas of human capital management (HCM) are as closely tied to the measurement of HR’s success as talent acquisition and retention. In a recent SAPinsider survey of SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors customers, two key talent acquisition and retention... MORE »»

The Present and Future of Financial Planning and Analysis

by Craig Himmelberger, Senior Research Director for Finance and GRC, SAPinsider | December 3, 2019

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) professionals benefit from understanding new practices that make their peers successful. SAPinsider’s research report on Assessing Intelligent Automation in Finance examines how leaders are choreographing their success in the dance between technology vision and business... MORE »»

Key Performance Indicators Need Their Own KPIs

by Craig Himmelberger, Senior Research Director for Finance and GRC, SAPinsider | November 26, 2019

For financial professionals, key performance indicators (KPIs) are vital for continually measuring business and financial performance. The problem is that many commonly used measurements fail to deliver valuable insight. In the digital era, it’s not just important for finance to... MORE »»