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Behind the Scenes of HR Expert - e-Recruitment

by Kristen Kohrt

April 30, 2010

By Kristen Kohrt, Associate Editor, HR Expert

We recently published an article from Vinay Naithani called “Discover More Options for SAP E-Recruiting with Web Dynpro ABAP” in HR Expert (check it out if you have a subscription). At first we were a little concerned that our readers, who are not normal super techy people, might be scared off by the words “Web Dynpro ABAP.”

But the article turned out great. It was clearly written from a non-technical standpoint—the author himself admitted to having limited ABAP skills. So hopefully functional consultants will not fear working with this user interface technology.

I wanted to know more about the author’s personal experience with this technology. After all, some of the best knowledge comes from experience and throwing oneself into a foreign world. Fortunately, Vinay was more than happy to answer a few questions.

Why did you decide to write about this topic?

I decided to write on this subject as I thought it’s fairly new and would interest a lot of users who may not have used this functionality before. The way SAP is developing technology, it’s almost blurring the lines between technical and functional areas in some cases and this is a good example. I personally found working on Web Dynpro ABAP very interesting and satisfying and would encourage more people to explore it.

When did you start using Web Dynpro ABAP?

I started using Web Dynpro ABAP from January 2009 onwards when I was tasked with developing and customizing the application wizards for our customer, without any prior experience or knowledge of this area.

What was your experience like when you first started using it?

I found it very exciting. It provides an opportunity to do and learn something new. I found immense satisfaction in working in this area, especially when I developed my first WDA component. Mind you I have limited or no ABAP skills.

Are there any other tips you’ve learned from personal experience you want to share?

One good tip is that you can configure the WDA application in admin mode. This can be done using the ABAP Workbench. Select the WDA application you would like to configure and choose from the menu Web Dynpro Application, the entry Test > Execute in Administration Mode.

This statement caught my eye: “The way SAP is developing technology, it’s almost blurring the lines between technical and functional areas in some cases and this is a good example.” How will this change the roles of the functional consultant? Does this mean functional consultants need to beef up their technical skills in order to keep up with SAP developing technology? What do you think Vinay meant? I supposed I could ask him, but I thought it’d be more fun to ask all of you.

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