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Candles, thumbtacks, and why your employees aren't motivated

by Davin Wilfrid

April 19, 2010

by Davin Wilfrid, Managing Editor, ERP Expert

Just stumbled across this fascinating TED talk from Dan Pink. It's worth watching in its entirety, but the point is that while science has proven over and over that intrinsic motivators (living up to your full potential) are far better than extrinsic motivators (more money) for many tasks.

This squares perfectly with what some of the world's top project management gurus have told me over the past few years. It's not enough to lure qualified project team members with money -- you have to find out what makes them tick.

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Sven Ringling

9/25/2013 8:41:49 PM

A very good point, Davin. Couldn't agree more.
I'd like to be more clear on your very last sentence and amend it to
"...find out what makes EACH INDIVIDUAL of them tick.", because it won't be the same things for everybody.
And that's why good people management in lien with all what science and generations of great managers have found out, rarely happens in the corporate world. In this world policies count more than individuals. It's much easier to set up (and follow) a policy allocating pots of money to measurements of performance than to give each individual "what makes her tick".

Bleak outlook?
I think there's hope as some organisations are taking up this challenge.