Drivers and Transports and BICS, Oh My!

by Jay Riddle

April 23, 2010

So you have several SAP-PRESS books sitting on your shelf on Crystal Reports, integrating the various SAP BusinessObjects tools with SAP, and a bookmark folder overflowing with what seems like an ever increasing mountain of living SDN blogs on similar subject areas. 

If you're like me, you might recall thinking to yourself at some point this past year...

"I got this stuff down! I've been using the BW Query driver for years in Crystal to connect to BW... wait, what's that you say? Oh, dont use that driver anymore?  Use the MDX driver you say?  Ok then..."

"Alright then.  Easy enough.  But I DO know that Universes don't connect to ERP... oh, that's not right, either??  There's a Transient Provider that can allow me to map ERP data to BW?  Great!  I'll use that when building my OLAP universes."

"What do you mean I can't do that?  Oh, not until we're on BW 7.02? What a tease!"

You get the point.

So whether you've been leveraging SAP BusinessObjects tools against SAP for years and are trying to keep up on the latest offerings, or you're looking to integrate the product suites for the first time -- just when you think you've gotten a grasp on the latest data connectivity options, minimum platform requirements, and various pieces provided in the Integration Kit for SAP -- something else comes out and all if a sudden you're drowning in a sea of drivers, transports, and BI Consumer Services!

When I first volunteered to begin blogging for the SAP Insider Learning Network I rattled my brain in a panic for ideas.  With the numerous blogs and books out there by dozens of what I call "Mozart's" of the BI world, what could I possibly have to add to the blogosphere relative to SAP BusinessObjects and integration with SAP?

Well, not everyone writes symphonies, I thought.  There are people out there that come up with the "Alphabet Songs" of the world.  Well, that's precisely what I've decided to do.  Beginning next week I'll begin breaking down some specific topics on integration relative to what I see day to day on the road helping customers achieve just that!  So stop on by to see my first topic starting with the ever so classic letter... A.

At the very least, you'll learn you ABC's.

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