Have a magical 5 days ...

by Robert Croce

April 8, 2010

By Bob Croce, Insider Learning Network

So ... tell us how you really feel.

Well, that's exactly what you did, and we thank you for your input! After all, we can't bring you events such as Logistics and Supply Chain 2010 without the assistance of our audience.

For those who attended our program this past February in Orlando, you might find the following comments both interesting and familiar (perhaps even, one of your comments shows up here.)

For those who didn't attend this year, maybe you'll see something that might cause you to want to join us next March when Logistics and Supply Chain 2011 makes a triumphant return to the Happiest Place on Earth. You too can not only benefit from this comprehensive program for supply chain professionals, but you too can also get a wakeup call each morning from a cartoon mouse telling you to "have a magical day."

Here's just a sampling of some of the feedback we received after asking attendees which content they liked most: 

“Bayer, Material Science Case Study. Good end to end overview on how to manage this process successfully.”

 “Everything on Jump Start day.”

 “Proven techniques for using SAP ERP to set up a successful supplier collaboration strategy. It was presented very clearly and successfully.”

 “SAP sessions on new functionality.”

 “SAP supports the sustainable supply chain, Was good because it gave me some ideas for my projects.”

 “Extended Warehouse Management Jump Start sessions.”

 “ME and MII. OMES.”

“How to use standard SAP ERP functionality for reporting. Very useful info that we can now utilize.”

 “Variant Configuration. We’re currently redesigning one of our V/C models.”

 “SCM Expert Live: How Bayer/Material Science turned around its planning and scheduling process. It was very hands on with good examples.”

 “Jump Start morning sessions with Tom Cassell. He provided knowledge I needed but did not have.”

 “Using standard ERP functionality to enhance reporting. It was very hands on.”

 “Sessions held by K2 and Claudio Gonzalez from SAP. They presented the material very well.”

“Optimize the value or your procurement contracts by streamlining processes. Speaker was very knowledgeable.”

And it went on and on and .. . almost everyone seemed to have "a magical" five days. Interested in joining us next time? Here's some early info on Logistics and Supply Chain 2011.

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