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Pretty, pretty please? Solution Manager Expert article offers tips for obtaining SAP Solution Manager buy-in

by Kristin Bent

April 27, 2010

After speaking with past attendees, analyzing survey results, and chatting with veteran speakers from the Managing your SAP Projects event, it’s become clear to me that you can’t have a thorough project management discussion without uttering the words “Solution Manager” at some point or another.

SAP Solution Manager is a tool that has become, at least in my mind, equated with efficient project management. Whether you are looking to monitor business processes, track project progress, or test your new system, SAP Solution Manager seems to be a go-to solution.

I came across an article from the March 2010 issue of Solution Manager Expert, however, that reminded me that not every project team out there already leverages the capabilities of SAP Solution Manager. Maybe some organizations are in the evaluation stages. Maybe some have never even heard of it. Or, maybe some are struggling to obtain stakeholder buy-in.

Enter Esteban Hartzstein, author of the article "Meeting Resistance to Implementing SAP Solution Manager? Here's What to Do." I think the concept of getting executive-level approval for the use of project management tools, like SAP Solution Manager, is an interesting one. Before conducting research for the project management event, I never fully thought about how difficult it must be not only to find the time to speak with the decision-makers of huge organizations, but to know what to say when you do. I can only imagine how important it is to pick your words wisely, and to express the ROI of tools like SAP Solution Manager in terms of value to the business.

Hartzstein highlights 5 tips for getting and retaining stakeholder support – applicable not just to SAP Solution Manager buy-in, but to the kick-off, management, and training components of SAP projects in general. I would definitely recommend taking a look.

I mean, who knows, for certain, when you’ll next have the opportunity for a one-on-one with your organization’s key stakeholders. Best to be prepared, though, right? :)

Any Insider Learning Network-ers have some best practices tucked up their sleeves for receiving decision-maker buy-in for SAP Solution Manager – or any other project-related initiatives?

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