SAP mobile apps propel Sybase

by Davin Wilfrid

April 23, 2010

By Davin Wilfrid, ERP Expert

Sybase is doing well these days, and credits its relationship with SAP for its continued growth. The mobile applications platform vendor boasted a record-setting Q1, and credits two new mobile applications for SAP, according to Bob Evans at the CIO Blog:

"Expansion of data, mobile devices, and real-time computing is driving adoption of our Unwired Enterprise strategy and stimulating demand for our data management, analytics, and mobility offerings.

"We made progress across our product stack as we launched innovative new solutions in the quarter, including the ASE In-Memory Database option, Operator Analytics 365, Mobile CRM for SAP, and Mobile Workflow for SAP, among others.

In March 2009, SAP and Sybase announced plans to bring the entire SAP Business Suite to iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile users via the Sybase enterprise mobile software platform.

At the same time, SAP BusinessObjects has led the way in making data more accessible to business users via iPhone apps, with two new apps< /a> released in the past few months. Last year we examined the landscape of mobile SAP applications and profiled a few solutions.

I expect to see demand for mobile applications continue to increase for some time, as SAP and its partners continue to provide platforms for extending your system into hand-held devices. The key for most companies will be figuring out a strategy for delivering the right functionality to the right team members without sacrificing performance or security.

If you're a subscriber to ERP Expert, you can read my interview with Troy O’Connor, CEO of Sky Technologies, here. In that article, O'Connor offers six keys for designing a mobile applications strategy.

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