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Talent Management in 2010 - What you need to know

by Amy Thistle

April 23, 2010

Unemployment rates seem to be decreasing, but during these challenging times what are the most important things you as an HR manager need to know? 

I just read a great article written by Jon Reed on SearchSAP focusing just that! What do you as an HR manager in 2010 need to know about talent management? How can you make the most of the "talent" you have in your company?

The article defines the most important SAP skills to have in-house as:

  1. Those with the deepest knowledge of SAP's (ahem) "best practices" in your industry. (Some SAP pros float from industry to industry.)
  2. The technical "all-star" who has moved beyond cranking out SAP code and now understands how to get the most out of SAP's NetWeaver platform. Think: enterprise architect, NetWeaver engineer, SAP roadmap guru, SAP virtualization pioneer -- plugged into SAP's developer community. ABAP Objects – yes! But also Java and maybe Rich Internet Application (RIA) approaches like Adobe Flex. Knowledge of Agile and Scrum methodologies a plus. A "geek in suit's clothing."

  3. The functional expert who is moving toward a process-driven approach to ERP. This person geeks out on modeling tools like NetWeaver BPM and SAP Gravity (Google Wave) and understands end-to-end process optimization in order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, etc. The "suit" who isn't scared of being perceived as a geek. "Lean" business process management methodology knowledge = great!

It also touches on when it's best to hire a consultant and what the best approach to training is. You can read the full article here -,2...

What does your company define as the most important SAP skills to have in-house? How do you go about recruiting, retaining, or training individuals with these important skills?


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