The Results Are In! On-going Research for Managing your SAP Projects 2010

by Kristin Bent

April 16, 2010

Good afternoon, fellow Insider Learning Network-ers!

As my research efforts are officially in full swing for the Managing your SAP Projects 2010 event, I've been pouring over online forums, attendee feedback, and Survey Monkey results. My goal is to identify some of the hottest SAP projects folks are planning for 2010, and, more importantly, to better understand their top challenges related to these initiatives.

When asked, on Survey Monkey, to rank 14 topics in order of importance to their organization in 2010, a whopping 60% of respondents rated "Project methodologies, tools, and accelerators" as number one. 60 percent! Of course, SAP Solution Manager was a close second (no surprise there), but my interest peaked none the less; what are the most effective project methodologies out there? Which project tools and accelerators are most sought after by the SAP community?

Of course, there are always the usual suspects. Methodologies like ASAP and Scrum, outlining distinct project roadmaps and team-member roles ("pigs" and "chickens," to name a few), definitely have their claims to fame. I wonder, though, about other project methodologies or accelerators out there, that I have yet to stumble across.

As somebody still fairly new to the SAP space (but learning everyday!), I would love to hear any project methodologies or tools that have helped your projects run smoothly and finish on time.

 In the meantime, let the research resume! :)


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