When an SAP ad is a very welcome sight ...

by Jacquelyn Howard

April 29, 2010

One my recent adventure to Scotland, what was supposed to be a 10-day adventure turned into a 19-day adventure, thanks to an ash cloud from a volcano I don’t even dare try to pronounce. As you most likely heard, planes were grounded during this event, which was dubbed “Airmaggedon.”


When the planes returned to flying, and my family and I were finally on our way back to the US, we had a brief stop to change planes at Heathrow. While we made the (surprisingly long) journey from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3, I just had to stop and snap a photo of one of the many SAP ads that were everywhere. I was quite excited to be able to point the ad out to my family — one of the ladies with me rather liked the ad with Mr. Phelps!

SAP ad at Heathrow

Needless to say, this delay was a challenge, not only with regards to travel, but also for a planned re-launch we have coming up for the print edition of SAP Professional J ournal. With the next update, we are moving from a 24-page print edition to a 96-page print edition! Many subscribers told us they missed the traditional journal format, so I’m happy to say it’s back. (I’ll share more details here very soon — stay tuned!)

Thankfully, the team I work with was terrific at helping out with the re-launch. The next update is coming together nicely. And I am very happy to be back in the land of baseball (go Red Sox!). Although I never did quite figure out cricket, I did enjoy watching a soccer (er, football) game or two.

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