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SAP meets reality TV? Now you're speaking my language.

by Sarah Cenedella

August 31, 2010

Sarah Cenedella, Insider Learning Network

Right around the same time that I started my SAP career, another activity was also becoming an important part of my life: Reality TV. For some of you, these two worlds couldn't be farther apart, but I disagree. What do these two areas have in common? Actually, a lot.

Let's go back to 1973, the year that SAP R/1 was launched. That same year also marked the launch of a 12-part PBS series called An American Family, often credited with being the earliest examples of reality TV.

Second, both Reality TV and SAP require knowledge of a ton of acronyms, such as SAPronyms like ECC, PLM, ABAP, SOX and reality TV acronyms like HOH, POV, SYTYCD, GTL, and ANTM, just to name a few (if you have no idea what these are, see glossary below).

Third, both have complex story lines that demand that you stay on top of what's new and changing. In the blink of an eye there could be a new feature, acquisition, personality, or direction (or even a new acronym).

Other similarities include the huge amount of money each make per year, the amount of time and skills that go into making each succeed, and the passion that fans have for the product/show that they love.

And today there is one more thing that Reality TV and SAP have in common: Taylor Armstrong, President of eImplement, an SAP Consulting firm that specializes in business transformation in the manufacturing, aerospace/defense, and pharmaceutical sectors. Armstrong will be one of the new housewives in the upcoming Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.You can read more about this addition to the cast and Armstrong's SAP career here.

Regardless of whether America gets to vote for which EhP feature they like best, or give a rose to their favorite consultant, SAP is making it's way into the world of reality TV, whether you are watching or not.

Acronym glossary

ABAP - Advanced Business Application Programming (the programming language of SAP)

ANTM - America's Next Top Model

ECC - ERP Central Component

GTL - Gym, tan, laundry (The mantra of the cast of Jersey Shore)

HOH - Head of Household (A title won ea ch week on Big Brother)

PLM - Product Lifecycle Management

POV - Power of Veto (Another title won each week on Big Brother)

SOX - Sarbanes Oxley

SYTYCD - So You Think You Can Dance



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Melissa Scartissi

9/25/2013 8:47:06 PM

This totally put a smile on my face! Too funny! :-)