What does Intel-McAfee mean for ERP?

by Dave Hannon

August 26, 2010

At first glance, I was confused by this megadeal but now that it's been analyzed and reviewed from every possible angle, it does make more sense. And it might be something ERP users want to keep an eye on.

As this article in the NY Times points out, with such strong penetration among PC makers, Intel will be able to push McAfee much further into that market than any security software has gone before. So one could argue that more PCs will be bundled with "McAfee Inside" going forward. And as more ERP users begin putting more of their data and systems in the "cloud" security becomes a bigger issue.

Will Intel's ownership of McAfee reduce the choice in security? Will you have to pay more to get non-McAfee security software on your next line of business PCs? Will you be able to get AMD processors and McAfee on the same machine? Or will McAfee be embedded on all Intel chips?

I know, I'm only bringing questions and not answers, but it's certainly food for thought....or a poll. (Stay tuned!)

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