How, and where, do you like to learn about SAP?

by Sarah Cenedella

December 8, 2010

The current poll on this site asks people how they like to learn about technology: read printed books and articles, live events, online tutorials, or Web searches. The goal is to be able to meet your training needs regardless of how you like to learn.

There is a poll just posted to LinkedIn asking SAP customers to select their favorite external help site. Choices are ASUG, ERPtips, IT Toolbox, SAP Fans or WIS Publications (guess Insider Learning Network is too new to be on that radar). I'm not sure I consider these to be comparable sites and content in terms of SAP coverage, but they all deliver information in generally the same way (via the written word).

What both polls fail to ask is the harder question of why. Why do you prefer to read vs. sit in a classroom, or vice versa? Why would you rather take your chances on a Web search than read a vetted article from a trusted source (or again, vice versa)?

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