So, where is leadership?

by Art Worster

December 18, 2010

So, where is leadership?

I think that it is interesting that even with the proliferation of SAP vehicles, both created by SAP and created by others (like ILN), they all cater to technical categories.  This is not a criticism of ILN or any other particular forum, but it seems pervasive to our industry that regardless of our perspective, we fit it into some non-leadership category.  I was looking at the Organizational Development Network on Linkedin this morning and was dismayed that conversations concerning two individual managers not "playing nice" with each other turned into a conversation around what tools OD experts could use to resolve this conflict.  How in the world did leadership become bucking the task off to organizational mechanics, rather than accepting the responsibility to lead. 

Well, I think it is the same conversation as happens in schools where we try to get schools to resolve behavioral problems with kids that should and could be addressed by parents (oops, maybe too impolitic).  My question is why much of this doesn't go to discussion about how leadership should deal with these issues, or isn't leadership supposed to lead anymore?  So much of what we discuss as technical issues is really about problems that should be addressed by a better prepared and educated (in ERP and how IT applications support business processes) group of leaders.  I would love to see the bar across the top of this and other areas (SCN?) have specific subject areas that address this critical need in how we prepare leaders to address and overcome problems using technical resources, but not pretending that they are the solution to organizational transformation.  Whew, where did that com e from?  Maybe Chris Argyris was right (Overcoming Organizational Defenses). 

Art Worster

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