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eBay Mobile Commerce - Real Time Data from Six Global Markets

by Kevin Benedict

December 23, 2010

Ben Lee over at Smartsoft Mobile Solutions recently directed me to the eBay Mobile Commerce site.  On this site you can see mobile purchasing data from six global markets in near real time.  Very interesting!  I watched for some time the interesting data coming across their digital ticker tape along the bottom of their chart.  Here is some of the data about eBay purchases via mobile devices:

  • Australians bought the most sporting goods via mobile devices in December 2010.
  • Auto parts were the top selling products via mobile devices on Cyber Monday in Germany.
  • The iPhone was the leading mobile platform for mobile sales on December 12, 2010.
  • Toys made up 8.6 percent of mobile sales in France on December 10-11, 2010.
  • December 12 was the busiest mobile shopping day so far in 2010.
  • In the USA auto parts made up 8.3 percent of mobile purchases in 2010.
  • In the USA cell phones and accessories made up 6.5 percent of mobile purchases in 2010.
  • In the USA vehicle sales made up 16.5 percent of mobile purchases in 2010.

Mobile dev ices must be a retail industry marketer's dream!  You can learn so much about the purchasing habits and interests of the device user.  We, the consumer, may not like all of this information being collected and used by retailers, but the marketers certainly appreciate it.

Next year, you can bet this information will be used to further improve marketing strategies based on:

  • Mobile platforms
  • Geographical area
  • Demographics
  • Category of products
  • Marketing campaign schedules

In addition, mobile marketers can add location aware features, local inventory knowledge, local marketing campaigns, local retailing locations and the demographic data they have on who uses which mobile platforms most.  With the addition of mobile coupons, mobile loyalty cards, eGift cards, etc., they can fine tune their marketing approach quickly.

Merry Mobile Shopping!

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