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Dealing with Multilingual Data – Is it a Nightmare??

by Jodee Hale-Schmid

July 29, 2010

Authored by Prashanth K. Vaida, Data Migration Consultant at Utopia, Inc.

Jim Whyte, director of solutions at Utopia, Inc., wrote an interesting and educational article entitled Data Governance – It’s Your Business Processes, Stupid… In the blog he stated “data governance involves addressing the framework for data-related decision making”.

That statement triggered a thought…what if international data is involved in a data governance project? How difficult is it to profile, standardize, enrich, de-duplicate, or integrate with multiple languages (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, or French). How difficult is it leverage the 20% technology to maintain this data? How difficult is it to analyze multilingual data? Is it really going to be a nightmare???

In my past professional experience with multilingual data I have successfully leveraged SAP® BusinessObjects™ Data Services tool to successfully deal with such data. Dealing with multilingual data involves setting a code page and language packs at three levels: data, operating system, and tool. SAP® BusinessObjects™ Data Services tool has proved to be very compatible and efficient with multiple languages in my experience. Its data cleansing packages allows your company to successfully work with multilingual data.

I am not saying the task at hand is very easy, but it is definitely feasible especially with the right tool and skill sets.

I am curious to hear how other organizations are dealing with multilingual data. What tool set are you leveraging?

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