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What Constitutes Master Data?

by Jodee Hale-Schmid

July 14, 2010

Authored by:  Venkat Chaganti, Solutions Consulting, Utopia, Inc.

In my experience working with master data, I have come across various definitions for it. Every client has a unique definition of what constitutes master data. A couple of versions that are popular are…

a) only reference data along with true “global attributes” should be considered master data

b) any data attributes which contribute to defining a product/customer/vendor should be considered master data.

Both the definitions have found resonance with various companies. But a lot of companies often struggle to adhere to either of the definitions. Often the focus of the data definition team/data architect is distracted from defining what attributes define master data to what attributes should be part of the master data system so that the processing of the data operations (CRUD) becomes easy.

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