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A proposed roster for your CRM project management team

by The Tip Doctor

June 9, 2010

The Tip Doctor, Insider Learning Network

A common question leading up to new projects is who needs to be involved. Here’s a sample you can base decisions on, using an example of CRM trade promotion upgrade.

The people who could be on a project dream team include the following:

Project manager (if the project manager is a consultant, that person needs to be shadowed by a company representative who will eventually take over)

  • Solution architect (potentially a consultant)
  • Part-time sales and distribution consultant
  • Part-time controlling-profitability analysis (CO-PA) consultant (in this case because CO-PA has ties between business intelligence reporting and trade promotion management)
  • Search engine marketing professionals (2.5 positions, which includes a consultant)
  • Business planning and simulation (likely a consultant, and you may need more than one depending on the complexity of the project)
  • Business intelligence modeler (the could be a consultant to start, but it should transition to an employee in-house if possible)
  • Business intelligence reporting (two to four people midway through the project’s realization phase)
  • Security specialist (for the early part of the realization phase, and you may need a shadow for later ongoing security support)
  • Middleware tools professional (could be a part-time position, depending on complexity)
  • Object-oriented ABAP programmers (perhaps two, depending on complexity)
  • JAVA programmer (depending on complexity)
  • Test coordinator
  • Business subject matter experts (number depends on the business scope)

 This tip is from the session “Best practices for managing an SAP CRM upgrade or implementation project,” originally presented at the CRM 2009 conference in Orlando.

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