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Debunking the ominous imagery behind thought leadership in SAP CRM

by Scott Wallask

June 14, 2010

By Scott Wallask, Insider Learning Network

Let’s talk about a couple of big words—“thought leadership”—and how they apply to SAP CRM.

The term thought leadership might conjure up brooding Roger Waters images, but the reality is your company probably has intelligent thought leaders within its walls who aren’t oppressing the world. Maybe you’re even a thought leader.

I started jotting down simple descriptors for what thought leadership embodies to me. Based on my informal notes, a thought leader is someone who:

  • Keeps track of the CRM industry’s developments
  • Offers innovative suggestions
  • Proposes new product ideas for the company
  • Acts as a go-to person in the organization or industry
  • Publishes or posts their ideas, or is interviewed about them
  • Strategizes future endeavors

“Strategize” is another one of those 25-cent words that scares some people off, but think of strategy as simply a way to move your company forward.

Further thoughts from anyone out there about thought leadership characteristics I’m missing?

As we here at SAPinsider and CRMexpert plan for our big CRM 2011 conference next March in Orlando, we are contemplating whether we need to direct more energy towards exploring thought leadership in the SAP CRM world.

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