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by Marcy Rizzo

June 25, 2010

By Marcy Rizzo

It is that time of the year when the Call for Proposals is issued for the combined SAP Insider events:

 The 9th Annual Conferences:
Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM),
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM),
Procurement and Materials Management

SAP Insider is producing these events at two venues this year;
1. Orlando on March 22-25,
2. Europe in mid-April (dates and venue still being finalized).

More than 3000 collective attendee’s from all industries and across the globe attend to learn from experts on how to be more effective in their respective roll within the end-to-end supply chain.

SAP Insider has four different types of speakers so that attendee’s have a complete perspective, including;
- Consultants who present best practices from their field implementations
- Customers who tell their own story, lessons learned and specific challenges and 
- SAP speakers who illustrate product updates, and application features and functions
- Vendors who offer their partner strategies, and best practices for integration with SAP
  to enhance functionality


This year the Call for Proposals is requesting (when reasonable) that submissions be based upon real, achieved and measurable Return-on-Investment (ROI) so that attendee’s can see proven results.


If you are interested to offer your story as a potential session in either Orlando or our European venue; please let me know and I will follow up with you to conduct an interview.
Don't be concerned if you are not exactly sure of the scope or the "angle" of the content.
If you have an idea, SAP Insider would like to hear about it, and we'll work on the scope together. It is our commitment to speakers to ensure each person is set up for success. You will have our full editorial and logistics support.

A word about the editorial process
SAP Insider has a robust editorial process that includes an in-depth interview with potential speakers to scope content and develop the abstract. This abstract then serves, if accepted, as the outline for the PPT presentation The PPT will go through a rigorous editorial review with content experts, and the speaker to ensure that the presentation maps back to the promise of the abstract, and that a clear, concise story line is maintained.


I look forward to hearing from you!! You can email me at, or call 781-751-2287.

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