SATO Printers, SAP Interactive Forms Printing, and Lego Printing?

by Jacquelyn Howard

June 3, 2010

by Jacquelyn Howard, Senior Managing Editor, SAP Professional Journal

SAP Professional Journal readers may have noticed that a series of recent articles have provided them tips to help them solve printing issues. In fact, I just posted an article today about printing barcode labels with SATO printers using the provided ABAP code.

Other recent articles have included resolving SAP Interactive Form issues for smoother printing workflow and troubleshooting SAPSprint root error categories. In fact, it seemed that our pipeline was healthy with printing-related articles covering many common issues.

Then I discovered the intriguing story of a person who has created a printer out of Legos and a felt-tip pen. (And yes, it works.) No word yet on how to get it to work with your SAP system yet, but I thought you might want a look. Personally, I tho ught the Lego figures on the printer carriage were a nice touch.

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