IFRS preparation is still important

by Rizal Ahmed

March 11, 2010

Despite the US government's plan to delay the recent deadline for IFRS compliance, I think companies still need to start preparing. This is no small project, and with one year of dual reporting required, the actual deadline to get your ducks in a row is not so far away. At the very least, companies should start understanding the scope of the project and building an organizational strategy for compliance.

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Graceanne Bowe

9/25/2013 8:41:14 PM

SAP customers attending Financials 2010 next week in Orlando seem to agree with you. Our preliminary survey indicates that they will attend the IFRS sessions in large numbers. And SAP has just announced an online IFRS resource center. However, should the SEC continue to waffle and not pull the trigger on a final compliance date, my opinion is that companies will not be in any rush to take on this massive and costly project. It's certainly something to watch.