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How do you know whether you really need SAP enhancement packages?

by Graceanne Bowe

May 18, 2010

There’s been a lot of buzz recently in the market around SAP enhancement packages, particularly with customers who are considering or have upgraded to SAP ERP 6.0 and now want to tap into the latest functionality available.   Despite this, a recent survey we sent to customers about upgrade plans indicated that a significant number of companies have not yet adopted enhancement packages—even if they have done a technical upgrade of their ERP system. 

During my trip to SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando this week, I had an opportunity to listen to some of the questions and challenges SAP customers posed to a panel of experts on upgrades.  Although enhancement packages offer significant new functionality, activating them can be a standalone project requiring its own timeline and dedicated resources. For this reason, customers are reluctant to install enhancement packages unless they know for sure the new capabilities are needed.  Further, since it’s not a requirement that all functionality be “turned on,” customers are picking and choosing which new features will most benefit them, rather than taking a big bang approach to enhancement packages. 

All of this begs the question “How do I know which functionality I really need, and how can I be sure to scope my enhancement packages appropriately?” Enter the Business Function Predictor. This brand new tool from SAP is designed to analyze a customer’ s transaction usage and recommend which enhancement functionality would provide the greatest value. Customers attending the panel discussion were quite interested and had a number of questions about how to obtain and use this new tool.  If you have similar questions, or any other questions related to enhancement package, there are a number of resources within and outside SAP to help you.  At the upcoming SAP ERP Upgrade and Enhancement Package seminar (, leading SAP Upgrade Competency Center expert Lon Blake will share the latest details about the Business Function Predictor.    The goal is to help SAP customers make more confident and sound decisions about enhancement packages.


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