Mobilizing the supply chain

by Marcy Rizzo

May 19, 2010

By Marcy Rizzo

When it comes to gaining a competitive edge, there are a couple of salient conditions that need to be in position. Whether your piece of the supply chain trail is procurement, production or distribution; those environments that prove the most successful are not happy accidents; but rather the result of continued efforts to get closer to the customer.

At the recently held SAPinsider Logistics and Supply Chain events in both Milan and Orlando, there was evidence that collaborative solutions are paying dividends when it comes to improving inventory controls. The SAPinsider Manufacturing event, held concurrently, demonstrated an integrated, automated, shop floor solution from gaming industry giant, IGT, which tracked production orders in real time – eliminating the former paper-based process. These key supply chain trends: mobile solutions, and collaboration are two operational initiatives that are gaining momentum.

A recently posted article by the UK-based Forrester Research, offered a perspective on how retailers are getting cozy with customers by working with manufacturers directly, rather than through distributors, using online order processing.

The message is clear. Customers have the power of choice, and time is on their side. Mobile solutions lend real time transparency, and exception management that provide the critical link between harmonizing supply and demand. SAP Insider will continue to keep a close eye on the latest mobile, and collaborative innovations and bring those to our 2011 events! In the meantime, there are a few links to compelling stories below!

Forrester urges retailers to shop around for smarter supply chain tools

SAP buys Sybase for $5.8bn

 SAP Insider 2011 Manufacturing Conference session abstract. If you are interested to see this presentation, let me know!

 Case study: How IGT replaced a paper-based production order process with a fully automated, integrated solution in 22 weeks
Richard Hardcastle        
IGT, a global leader in the gaming industry, needed to replace its paper-based production documentation processes with an automated system. Find out how IGT is using SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) to track work in progress in real time, subsequently gaining greater visibility into production order status in an environment designed to assemble up to 300 components per game, with a capacity of up to 600 units (slot machines) per day. Learn how IGT accurately scoped its business requirements to ensure that objectives were met. Look at the progressive assembly solution IGT implemented, which leverages product tracking through serialization, utilizing barcode and radio frequ ency identification (RFID) technology to link shop floor data to SAP MII. View a demo that shows how an operator uses the radio frequency (RF) user interface for validation and confirmation of process steps. Understand how production order details are captured from the bill of materials assembly, routing, and more.


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