SAPPHIRE in the rough 3

by Nathan Sharp

May 19, 2010

Nathan Sharp, Blogject Manager

SAPPHIRE NOW concluded with the third and final day. Keynotes from Vishal Sikka (SAP CTO) and Hasso Plattner (Chairman SAP Advisory Board) focused on real time analytics through in-memory databases. In other words the promise of days of number-crunching now in just seconds - coming "end of this year".

Even the iPAD was back again to take part in a live demo. One of my biggest take-aways from this conference is that if your projects aren't delivering iPAD-ready solutions, you might be in real trouble in the near future if this kind of acceptance grows.

Many of the presentations from the main conference hall are available on-line at Of course, you don't get the more useful ASUG seminars and the opportunity to browse the vendor booths.

In the hour or so I tried the streaming service live, there did seem one or two issues; one interesting panel discussion was abruptly terminated and another just didn't show-up.  However, for those unable to travel to the conference, it made a viable alternative to actually attending the conference, and in some cases, sessions were more orientated to seeing on-line.

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Davin Wilfrid

9/25/2013 8:44:03 PM

The iPad was indeed the starlet (if not the actual star) of SAPPHIRE. Not only did it appear in several demos during the keynotes, but my coworker Dana Kinsella counted 47 booths on the show floor using it as a giveaway -- including ours. One vendor, Roambi, had a giant custom-built iPhone on site in Orlando and a massive custom-built iPad in Frankfurt.

Jacquelyn Howard

9/25/2013 8:44:03 PM

Yes, RoamBI (an SAP partner) has a mobile BI solution that looks and feels great on the Apple mobile devices. You can see a images & video at