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Self-Serivce and Some of Its Benefits

by Rebecca Bartlett

May 21, 2010

Here's a little blurb on self-services.  If you're looking for more information you have some to the right place.  This site has a wealth of knowledge and a ton of experts to help guide you!


Self-service software is a category of software that enables end-users to input, process, submit, and access information in a realtime setting.  This process is accomplished in an automated and unassisted manner and serves to speed transaction times, eliminate human error, eliminate costly human assistance, and ensure data accuracy.  There are two main types of self-service relevant to Human Resource Management:  employee self-service and manager self-service.

There are several direct and indirect benefits attributed to self-service.  The most apparent of these benefits include:

  • Lower transaction costs – eliminating paper-based, HR-processed transactions will help alleviate the time spent on tedious data entry (working hours) as well as the costs associated with paper goods, copies, and postage.
  • 24-hour accessibility via the internet (or intranet) – information can be gathered at any time from virtually anywhere.
  • The ability to collect accurate, personal data – data errors are almost eliminated when employees have the ability to enter in their own information to the HR system.
  • Strategic alignment of goals – employees across the organization are informed about the strategic goals and are able to work towards their completion.
  • Increased manager involvement – managers are able to take a hands-on approach to managing various aspects of their employees careers including verifying time, approving training, and assigning compensation amounts.  This also relieves some of the burden from HR employees and allows them to focus on other areas rather than data entry and monitoring.
  • Increased productivity – employees typically spend less time completing the automated self-service processes than the traditional paper-based forms.  Managers have access to real-time data and reports on which to base team decisions.  HR employees are also more productive because they spend less  time processing forms and doing data entry and can focus on other areas such as analytics, employee development, and workforce strategy.
  • Improved employee satisfaction – employees are able to directly participate in their own career planning, growth, and development by registering for courses, planning career paths, and applying for internal positions.

Rebecca Bartlett of Exaserv, Inc.

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