Tip for Keeping Your SAP Team Informed

by Michael Nadeau

May 7, 2010

Michael Nadeau, SAP Experts

As publisher of the SAP Experts, I pay a lot of attention to how SAP teams use information resources to learn SAP technology and best practices. Some companies take this very seriously and set up internal organizations to manage the acquisition and distribution of SAP-related information. However, not every company can afford this luxury.

Here's a method I've seen some teams use quite effectively. During regular SAP team meetings, articles or other information sources are assigned to individuals to review. At the next meeting, team members report on what they learned, how the team might apply that knowledge to what it is doing, and who else on the team should read or view the material. 

This method does not take a lot of time, and the teams that use it often say it's a fun task. It an easy way to keep the team's knowledge up to date, and over time it shows which information sources are the most worthwhile. 

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