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As Randy Moss jumps ship in the NFL, a lesson in employee life cycle for SAP HCM

by Scott Wallask

November 2, 2010

By Scott Wallask, Insider Learning Network

Those of you who follow American football may have heard that after only about a month, former New England Patriot Randy Moss is already gone from the team that took him from the Patriots, the Minnesota Vikings.

NFL fans can speculate on the reasons behind the sudden departure – win/loss record, quarterback potential, the grass-is-greener argument, etc. – but one thing is crystal clear: From an HR standpoint, things didn’t go well between Moss and the Vikings.

SAP ERP HCM may not be on the 50-yard line ready to knock helmets, but Moss’ situation does point to the behind-the-scenes playbook that HCM sets up for companies in terms of talent management.

“Talent management in an SAP system incorporates the deployment and development of people throughout the entire employment life cycle – from recruitment through development, training, rewarding, and retaining,” wrote Janet McClurg, platinum consultant for SAP America, in an HR Expert article on the topic.

The figure below summarizes thes e processes, along with the SAP modules that support them.


We’ve all been told stories of people who get hired and then quit quickly – I just heard a tale today about a worker at another company who quit after being jokingly told there were no lunch breaks on the job – so Moss isn’t alone.

Stopping those situations from occurring is a prime goal for SAP HCM, whether your business it throwing touchdowns, selling popcorn, or developing the software that prints game tickets. It doesn’t matter if your talent is a grunt worker or a rainmaker: All companies want to avoid losing people before their potential is fully realized, and a well-founded life cycle management approach can help.

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Dave Hannon

9/25/2013 8:49:25 PM

Scott, kudos on making that connection. If I were an SAP ERP HCM salesperson, I'd be anxiously awaiting the news of where Randy ends up, because there's a great sales lead if ever there was one!

Jarret Pazahanick

9/25/2013 8:49:25 PM

Great article Scott and after doing SAP HCM consulting for 12+ years and being a Vikings fan for 15 years I can honestly say I never thought I would see the two in print together.

Digging deeper you could also go from the angle that Moss wasnt a team player and was becoming disruptive which even so you could utilize SAP performance management and other tools to track if you were a company (not NFL team) so the bottom line is SAP HCM is good....and my Vikings....well I will leave that for another day :-)