“Filler-up” with Super Enterprise Data

by Jodee Hale-Schmid

November 4, 2010

Authored by: Dave Lepa, Director Canadian Sales, Utopia, Inc

Crude oil and enterprise data share one common fact in that they are both intrinsically worthless. Crude oil on its own is a just a barrel of nasty gunk that really has no value or purpose unless it gets refined. It is the refining process that unlocks significant value as it yields many types of fuel and also several base components used in the chemical industry. It’s what you can do with crude oil that creates such value and power in today’s economy. Enterprise data shares this similar property to crude oil as the real value of data is created when it is processed with business applications to support operations, decision making and reporting within an organization. The organizations that can best process their enterprise data effectively with innovative applications will create value for their stakeholders and to the economy as a whole.

The similarity between crude oil and enterprise data I believe comes to an end after this initial illustration. Crude oil needs to be constantly explored beneath the subsurface of the earth at great economic and environmental costs. It is indeed a limited commodity which is not a sustainable fuel source. Enterprise data however, is limitless and can be collected easily in a variety of ways at costs that are minuscule in comparison to the finding costs of crude oil. Maybe we should consider our enterprise data as a sustainable energy commodity for our companies! Now if I can only get my car to run on this stuff…



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