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#GRC2010 Conference Preview - Searching for the Green Dollar

by William Newman

November 2, 2010

Next week is leg two of the book tour and I'll be with our friends at SAP Insider at the GRC2010, Financials2010, and Reporting2010 conferences in Barcelona.  In particular I am interested to hear more on the in-memory capabilities of new reporting and analytics to drive faster and more comprehensive consolidations and information aggregations.  Good stuff.

European audiences will be further ahead than their North American counterparts in a number of corporate issues.  One area is the IFRS reporting adoption which is commonplace in EU and surrounding markets.  In the US we are still in the optional dual reporting period, so country GAAP even in the US is very typical.  How the cutovers work (and don't work) against the company operating model will be interesting to learn more about.

Sustainability is another area that will be forward in discussion.  I'll be presenting a brief overview of reporting practices for sustainability programs.  There is still much opportunity to drive conversation around what sustainability actually is relative to different organizations.  We see several "lenses" or perspectives on this depending upon whether an organization is a hard product manufacturer, a food and beverage company, or a public sector agency.  Each has a different interest in following one or more sets of sustainability frameworks, and a different interest in what components of the TBL ("triple bottom-line") elements are truly material to their business.

Looking forward to the conference.  Feel free to message me or follow me on Twitter at william_newman.



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