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Insights from GRC2010- Managing compliance and identity management

by Allison Martin

November 12, 2010

So it’s Day 3 at the Financials and GRC 2010 event in Barcelona and while today is the last day, there is still lots of great content on the schedule. If you’re here at the event, I definitely suggest sticking around through the end of the day and making the most of it.  I’ve had the opportunity to talk with a lot of attendees who seem thrilled with all the information and advice they’ve received regarding their Financials and GRC projects.

One particular session that attendees are raving about was presented yesterday by Michaela Zwinakis at SAP titled “Prevent security breaches in your SAP system with techniques to merge identity management and compliance activities”.

The session provided detailed insight into how to deliver enterprise-wide, identity management across your business processes through the integration of SAP BusinessObjects Access Control and SAP NetWeaver Identity Management, which seems to be a rather challenging task for many companies. This session definitely helped a lot of folks clear up their misconceptions associated with identity management.

Michaela walked attendees through 3 typical business scenarios and outlined the kinds of challenges a company can face with regards to compliant identity management including how to deal with excessive access rights and costly manual security and compliance processes. She then talked through what options SAP’s provides to achieve compliant identity management and how those solutions can be utilized within each example. If you're not using SAP for identity management, don't worry, a lot of the concepts she covered were applicable to other identity management solutions as well. She provided great advice on performing a more flexible deployment, including what existing GRC and identity management investments your organization may already have in place and how to best leverage them.

If you’ve attended the event and did not have the opportunity to check out this presentation but have an interest in identity management, I would definitely recommend looking through the slides provided on the conference CD, its easy to follow, and has lots of great insight!!


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