New directions and strategies for tomorrows HR leaders - HR Keynote Recap

by Amy Thistle

November 11, 2010

The value of a powerful people agenda, that was the focus of today’s HR keynote at HR Europe 2010 in Barcelona. Two of SAP’s key executives in the HR space, Karen Tobiasen, Senior VP HR and Transformation, SAP EMEA and Dawn Crew, Vice President, HR Line of Business Solutions, SAP AG gave an inspiring keynote on the 3 mega trends impacting HR today and how the 3 strategic development areas in SAP ERP HCM are working hand in hand to make life easier for employees and managers.

Karen outlined the three trends that will have the largest impact on HR as, a drop in employee engagement, the war on talent, and Generation Y/F (Facebook). She mentioned that the percentage of highly engaged employees dropped 53% and that senior executive engagement has dropped the most.

The talent pool is shrinking and all HR departments are challenged to attract and retain talent.  Almost every HR manager will tell you this is their focus. If facebook were a country it would be the 5th largest country in the world. This generation of people is large enough to be the 5th largest country in the world look at information very differently. Thus posing a big challenge to HR.

What SAP is doing that helps to combat the issues these megatrends bring to HR teams is to focus on standardization, shared services, and operating smarter. They encourage customers to standardize their processes into one global process. Creating a shared services center is also encouraged. SAP’s internal shared services organization handles 90% of the tickets posted to its SSO and customer satisfaction has risen from 7.4 to 8.4 on a scale of 10.

When Dawn took over she highlighted the 3 areas SAP is focusing on to improve the usability of its HR software.

1.       User Experience

2.       Analytics

3.       Mobility

SAP ERP HCM has over 13,000 customers across the world who love the functionality in SAP ERP HCM. Dawn discussed the new innovations coming in SAP Enhancement Package 5 that will further improve HR for employees and managers.

1.)     User Experience

For employees

Personal information - with the release of SAP Enhancement Package 5, personal information will be consolidated into a comprehensive profile. The new navigation pattern has reduced the number of clicks it will take an employee to add and update information.

Time entry – as of SAP Enhancement Package 5 calendar date will be delivered to end-users to aid in entry. The time sheet is configurable.

For managers

Compensation – SAP has made it easier for managers to navigate the compensation planning process for their team. With SAP enhancement package 5 manager self-service improvements have been made to the employee compensation profile and personnel administration. Improvements have also been made to the employee transfer and termination process.

Personnel Object Worklist – As of SAP enhancement package 5 a manger can now select an employee from an organizational chart directly and quickly process whatever it is they need to process right from there. The org chart visualization is delivered by Nakisa. Dawn mentioned that SAP will continue to work together to incorporate their product into SAP’s overall HR solution. Good news! There won’t be an additional charge to use Nakisa for every customer that has a license as part of the HR solution access with SAP Enhancement Package 5.

2) Analytics

Strategic Workforce Planning – SAP defines strategic workforce planning as the business process for ensuring that an organization has suitable access to talent to achieve medium term (3-5 years out) business success. This solution supports customers by helping ensure that they always have the right people with the right skills in the right job ~ at the right moment

Rapid Deployment Solutions will be delivered through the portal with SAP Enhancement Package 5 via the Talent Management Specialist role and will make it easier for SAP customers to consume software by bringing solutions more rapidly, every few months, for example, to the market. This solution is one of several that SAP has planned for our HR customers in 2011.

3) Mobility

Dawn discussed how mobility is becoming business critical. The majority of workers are mobile. SAP is working to provide all professionals with tailored applications on mobile devices, to support line managers with more mobile workflow for approval scenarios. SAP’s overall goal in the mobility space is to approve and initiate workflow processes and create a next generation user interface.

In closing, both speakers provided a lot of information about SAP’s future direction in the HR arena and the current and future state of HR in general. It seems like everyone in HR has a lot to look forward to!

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