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Questions about Enterprise Mobility and Recent Industry Developments

by Kevin Benedict

November 4, 2010

I have been contemplating two enterprise mobility subjects today. 

1)  Syclo is known in the industry for having a very good mobility platform.  This has served them well, but may now also be the source of a dilemma.  What are they to do with their mobile platform investment in light of SAP's acquisition of Sybase?  Syclo, as a co-innovation partner of SAP, will want to support SAP and their Sybase Mobility Platform, but they have a decade worth of investment into their own comprehensive mobility platform. 

Here is how Syclo describes their platform, "Syclo's mobile solution framework (Agentry Platform) makes it easy to deploy and manage multiple mobile solutions in all areas of your business.  For over a decade, Syclo has built on its mobile expertise and experience at over 750 organizations worldwide to bring you a family of 80 percent preconfigured mobile products that automate work order management, inventory management, scheduling, rounds and readings, turnaround tracking and more.  "I image Syclo will now want to offer their customers a choice of two very good platforms, 1) Agentry Mobile Platform, or 2) Sybase Mobility Platform.  This will be great for customers, but the challenge for Syclo is developing on and supporting two different platforms and re-engineering their existing mobile applications to run on either.  They are self-funded, and this is not a small or inexpensive task. 

SAP sales teams are actively engaged with Syclo on many enterprise deals, and I expect customers to be asking about which mobile platform will be used.  In light of the avalanche of recent interest in enterprise mobility, it will be interesting to watch how Syclo handles all of these issues.

2) I am also wondering how the adoption of HTML 5 will impact enterprise mobility vendors that focus exclusively on mobile applications.  Many of the mobile tools that vendors have developed will need to be replaced by more web based design tools.  HTML 5 also has a mobile database in it. 

Just wondering and asking. . .

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