What happened to the IT news I used to love?

by Dave Hannon

November 19, 2010

Another new mobile device hits the market next week and it will change the world!

Top-selling video game breaks another record!

Facebook ruined my marriage!

Google Facebook Google Twitter Google Facebook.

Am I the only one that’s completely baffled by what constitutes “IT news” these days?

Sure, all of these items would fall under the extremely broad topic of IT or technology, but the headlines on many IT news outlets lately seem to be aimed at a very general IT audience, more than the savvy IT industry watcher.

Without naming names, some of the IT publications and web sites I’ve had bookmarked for longer than Facebook’s CEO has been out of diapers are one-by-one becoming useless to me. What does Harry Potter have to do with the IT industry, long-trusted publication? I don’t need a new version of Farmville, thank you major IT news source. Grrrrr..

Of course, I suppose if you've read this far, you're starting to wonder, well Mr. Crankypants, what have YOU taught me about the IT industry by posting this rant? Well, since you asked, I'll point you to this podcast just to ensure I do my part to educate you, the savvy IT information consumer:

Assessing the costs and realizing the benefits of your SAP ERP HCM investment

Happy Friday!

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