iPad Databases, Gartner and Enterprise Mobility

by Kevin Benedict

November 4, 2010

I was given a demo of ClickSoftware's field services application using HTML 5 and running on an iPad earlier this week.  Very cool!  It runs in both offline and online mode and can store the data on the iPad in an offline mode. This is significant because iPad is not set up to store content on the device.

I wonder what HTML 5 will mean to Sybase's mobile database business. Will HTML make developing mobile devices easier?  How will HTML change the opportunities for mobile application developers?

I attended a briefing by Gartner's Michael King this week on enterprise mobility.  Here are some of his comments:

  • Enterprises should cave to employee demands for a variety of mobile devices.  Focus only on cross-platform tools.
  • Refresh your B2C mobile strategy every 180 days.  Mobility changes that fast.  Mobility is absolutely strategic.
  • Don't secure devices, secure apps since mobile devices are often personal.
  • Embed analytics into mobile apps.  Build GUI navigation based on roles, tasks, taxonomy, BP.
  • Categories of mobile apps per Gartner- Thick, Rich, Thin, Streaming, Messaging, Browser.
  • Mobile app vendors will focus on apps only.  Mobility tools and platforms will be reserved for the big boys of mobility like Sybase.
  • 95 percent of mobile application vendors will give up their mobile tool kits by 2011.  Pay attention mobility vendors!
  • Gartner says no company is going to be able to mandate a particular mobile device.  They change too fast.
  • The mobile enterprise market is growing at a 10 percent CAGR in 2010.
  • Web capable phones will outnumber PCs by year-end 2011.
  • Gartner predicts data revenue exceeds voice revenue in advanced markets by 2012.
  • Gartner predicts that mobility will be a $1 trillion/year market.

You can read all the tweets and updates from the ClickConnect North America 2010 Conference by searching on #clickconnect on Twitter.

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