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Company brings a bit of reality TV to its SAP project

by Scott Wallask

October 15, 2010

By Scott Wallask, Insider Learning Network

I heard about a great idea yesterday during a meeting we had with representatives from Optimal Solutions. Optimal is an SAP consulting partner, and their folks came by SAPinsider’s office to chat.

During the meeting, we learned that Optimal implemented SAP internally and actually decided to document the project online through a series of blog postings and videos.

So far, Optimal has posted six episodes of its implementation saga – it’s sort of like SAP reality TV. The videos, which run from about four to seven minutes each, aren’t polished and they showcase real people at the company.

My favorite was Episode 5, which digs into a setback during the implementation involving a core function of the company.

“It appears that our process for collecting timesheets and expense reports isn’t quite as simple as we thought,” Sam Sliman, Optimal’s president, tells viewers. How many of you have hit similar obstacles during your own SAP projects?

The clip also talks about the solutions the company created to streamline the process for the timesheets.

It was nice to get an unfiltered view into some of the deliberations involved in an SAP implementation. Optima l's approach is an innovative one that other organizations could try as a different avenue to communicate with customers and partners.

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