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Decisions, decisions: What's the right reporting solution(s)?

by Sarah Cenedella

October 28, 2010

Sarah Cenedella, Insider Learning Network

There are two kinds of people: Those that go to a restaurant and like a vast menu with a ton of choices, and those that open that menu and are so overwhelmed by all the choices they just get the burger (or inset your favorite easy choice here). I am the latter. It's not that I'm indecisive; I have a hard time knowing what the "right" choice is and I'm afraid of making a mistake and wasting my money on something that doesn't saisfy me. Then, once I do settle on something, I just keep ordering it every time because at least I know it's was the right choice (at least it was the first time I got it).

Not to oversimplify, but this seems to be the same situation with all these reporting solutions available to SAP customers, and it seems like although people are excited about the menu of choices there is uncertainty about what to select. So much is out there and it all seems so good; what does one choose? And do you have to choose just one? Do you have to abandon the solution you have loved for a new one? And are you just using the same thing because you are afraid to try something new om the menu?

Obviusly there's a lot more at stake than just not liking your meal, but still, how are you making this tough decision? Here at Reporting, Planning, and Analysis 2010 there is a whole track dedicated to choosing th e right tool for the job and it's a major topic amongst attendees, partners, and speakers alike.  I'm interested in hearing what you are weighing, and how you are going to move forward with all these choices at your disposal. Maybe you've already come to a decision. Share your opinions here.




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