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Projects/Reporting events kickoff; unveil new Agenda Assistant

by Sarah Cenedella

October 26, 2010

The SAPinsider Projects2010 and Reporting, Planning, and Analysis2010 co-located conferences are kicking off in Orlando with Jumpstart Day - a day packed with 8 intensive sessions to level-set attendees and provide comprehensive coverage on specific topics.

Today also marks the launch of a new feature to the SAPinsider conferences: an agenda builder that can be accessed via the Internet, on a smart phone, or on the touch screens provided across from the conference registration area. As someone who has been to many conferences in my time, including those by technological leaders such as IBM and SAP, this is by far the best schedule builder I have ever used, and the easiest to use.

Here's how this one works: Attendees can search for sessions by track, topic, or speaker. They then can read session descriptions, select sessions they want to attend, find exhibitors and sponsors they are intesrested in, and drill down into a map of the locations for all of their activities. Attendees can print the agenda on site, and can create an account and save their agenda to tweak later.

Another cool feature of this scheduler is, if you are using it online, you can receive up-to-the-minute updates of what's happening onsite, like if there is a room change, a special not-to-miss topic or event, or a special offer going on at one of the ex hibit booths.

According to SAPinsider staffers at this event, this event is just the beta to test how attedees like this new feature to their conferences. If it is well received, there are more enhancements that could follow, including integrated Twitter feeds, mobile applications, SMS notifications, and maybe even the ability to get your conference materials through the site.

Even if you aren't at these events this week, you can still build your schedule and give this Agenda Builder a spin. Comment below with your feedback, or any wishlist features you would like to see.

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