SAP announces new NetWeaver platform

by Scott Priest, Editorial Director, Financials & GRC

October 12, 2010

SAP has rolled out its latest version of the NetWeaver platform, 7.3, to its first round of customers, according to a press release.

The press release touts it features and how it fits into SAP's current innovation-heavy marketing push, citing cloud computing and mobile capabilites, and well as the usual amount of faster/better/stronger that comes with a new product.

But I found these quotes to be the most interesting:

"The combination of SAP NetWeaver PI and our PayPal X payment automation platform made it seamless for eBay Inc to quickly create a new way to pay our vendors and suppliers," said Jennifer Ceran, vice president and treasurer, eBay. "We were able to implement and test the system in about six weeks and can now pay our suppliers with full remittance details, in real time, with straight-through processing and visibility into the clearing process. Fully automated payments are driving down processing costs and strengthening the relationships we have with our vendors, with the help of SAP technology."

"SAP NetWeaver PI has given us a central platform that helps us fulfill today's integration requirements effectively," said Markus Hautschek, professional analyst, EnBW Energie Baden-Wuerttemberg AG. "What's more, we now have a skilled team that is well equipped to master the challenges of tomorrow."

It's always nice to read customer success stories with a product, and interesting that PI (formerly XI) is their product of choice for this release. SAP says adoption has "grown steadily" over the years . Interesting that the two companies mentioned seemed to see its value in different ways -- eBay in ease of payment (something we heard a lot about when people would ask us about SAP FSCM over the last couple of years) and EnBW in integration.

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