The Power Behind a Mobile Retailing Application

by Kevin Benedict

October 26, 2010

Mobile Retailing Apps
Most significant mobile applications are integrated with a powerful database application.  At the SAP TechEd conference last week SAP demonstrated an iPad business solution that considered the weather forecast in various regions as indicators of sales.  At TecEd I also met with Ed Krufka, EVP of Solution Services at Smartsoft Mobile Solutions.  He shared some of the complexity of applications he has been working on in the mobile retailing space.


These mobile applications are powered by sophisticated business intelligence solutions that are used to help sell more products to retail customers.  They use knowledge of the customer's history, buyi ng patterns, the weather, locations etc., to change and customize the content on mobile applications.

The information I heard from both SAP and Smartsoft Mobile is in line with other information I have recently heard.  Companies are funding mobile application development projects that increase sales of company products.

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