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3 Lessons Learned from Varian Medical Systems’ Experiences with SAP Enterprise Support

by The Tip Doctor

September 20, 2010

The Tip Doctor, Insider Learning Network

This is an excerpt from the article, “Redefining IT’s Role at Varian Medical Systems: Enabling Substantial Business Improvements with the Help of SAP Enterprise Support” from the July/August/September issue of insiderPROFILES.

Tom Rodden, Director, Enterprise Applications, Varian Medical Systems, will be hosting a Q&A about this IT transformation initiative in the Insider Learming Network forums this Thursday, September 23, at 1:00 ET. Get details.

Varian Medical engages SAP Enterprise Support to cover a range of topics, such as support issues, project activities, special performance activities, and bi-annual performance analytics that are delivered in the SAP Enterprise Support report.

In a general sense, Rodden says that his department and the company as a whole are in a much better position as a result of their work with SAP Enterprise Support. He sees the collaboration as a nice win for both companies. “It’s mutually advantageous to look to each other as partners in many ways, including approaches in collaboration and approaches to development,” he says. “And because the business is well aware of the great results from our collaboration with SAP, we’re not at the end of the relationship in terms of the depth to which we can go.”

Here are three lessons learned by Varian Medical System’s Experiences with SAP Enterprise Support:

1. Understand everything your support package offers. SAP Enterprise Support is more than a simple tech support engagement. Varian Medical quickly learned that support services could play a mission-critical role in three vital areas: project support, production support, and the provision of insight and education for a deeper understanding of current and emerging SAP solutions.

2. Connect with your support advocates often. Varian Medical not only made good use of the overall support services, but also forged close relationships with SAP support advocates who were able to provide regular technical expertise and serve as a human interface into the larger SAP organization. This interaction enabled the company to receive timely service, quickly access the right resources, and better understand its many support options.

3. Properly prepare for each support engagement. Varian Medical optimized its use of SAP Enterprise Support by engaging in thorough discussions and interviews with SAP representatives and providing relevant data and information. The result has been greater speed to project completion and OSS ticket resolution, as well as higher-quality outcomes.

For two more lessons learned from Varian Medical’s experience with SAP Enterprise Support, read the full article in insiderPROFILES of join Tom on Thursday for the live Q&A.

Join us on September 23 for more tips and additional insights, and ask Tom Rodden your own questions about how to apply these IT transformation practices in your own organization. Get details.

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