SAP future directions - and our love of the latest and greatest

by Kristin Bent

September 13, 2010

I was talking to a friend this weekend about the release of the iPhone 4. She’s been a huge Mac fan for years, and, like all other Apple-lovers, had been eagerly awaiting the release of their newest gadget. When she got to the Mac store bright and early the morning the phone was released –a grin resembling that of a four-year-old’s on Christmas Eve stretched across her face – her heart sank immediately. The line was out the door, pouring onto the sidewalk. iPhone lovers were sleepily inching their way to the register to claim their prize. Knowing she’d be hours late for work if she joined in on the fun, she walked away, defeated.

What is it about the release of a new technology that compels us to roll out of bed four hours early, only to stand in a line longer than the one for Splash Mountain during school vacation? The answer, I guess, is obvious. We want the fastest, sleekest, and most efficient way of retrieving and using information. We want the “new.” And, most importantly, we want the best.

This love of the new is obvious when looking at the Projects 2010 and Reporting, Planning and Analysis 2010 programs. Sessions involving future SAP roadmaps, product directions, and planned enhancements make up a significant portion of this year’s content. Ranging from SAP BusinessObjects, to Solution Manager, to social CRM, these 2010 events definitely help quench SAP customers’ thirst for the new and improved.

To learn more about the details of these sessions, and SAP’s future direction, click here. Even better, check them out on-site in Orlando. I promise the line will be shorter than the one for Splash Mountain :)

Are there any forward-looking SAP questions on the minds of fellow Insider Learning Network-ers out there? Please share!

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