SAP shows even more support for mobile

by Molly Vaughan

September 3, 2010

by Molly Vaughan, CRM Expert

In another major display of their support for mobile technology, SAP announced this week that it has provided 1,000 of its employees - about 2% of the total workforce - with iPads. These iPads come equipped with VPN technology, BusinessObjects, and the new Mobile Sales for SAP CRM app. 

Eric Lai at ZDNet wrote more about this in his UberMobile blog yesterday, and you can read the story here. One of the most interesting parts of this story is that it's estimated that this may be the largest deployments of iPads to a workforce yet - and that includes Apple itself.

Overall, it sounds like this is a two-fold strategy for SAP: they are making a very forward-thinking move (and a big one - so it's bound to grab some headlines), and they're also testing the usability of the Mobile Sales iPad app. SAP claims that they'll be distributing even more iPads soon (according to a cryptic tweet by CIO Oliver Bussmann), so it'll be interesting to see how its employees react and if tablet technology changes the way SAP works.

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Dave Hannon

9/25/2013 8:47:14 PM

Wow. I read today that SAP may roll out iPads to an even wider percentage of its workforce going forward. CIO Oliver Bussmann told the UK's Computing magazine that SAP currently has 17,000 BlackBerrys rolled out and that within 12 months, there will be as many iPads in use by SAP employees.

17,000 iPads. How about them Apples? (Sorry couldn't resist)