Scheduling technicians and other workers using multi-resource scheduling (MRS)

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September 27, 2010

This tip was taken from the presentation "A Comprehensive Guide to Scheduling and and Utilizing Employees for Maximum Productivity" by Mr. Arnab Banarjee of Deloitte. It will be presented at HR 2010, 9-11 November in Barcelona.

MRS is a customer-specific solution to schedule service technicians and plant workers

The solution has been developed by SAP Custom Development and is now offered as an adaptable custom solution.  With MRS, you can visualize your service planning status and assign requests to your service staff and tools using an intuitive graphical planning board as follows.


Assign a requirements profile to a Service Order/Network Activity, then find suitable resources with same/similar competencies and availability. 

Absences/attendances and planned nonworking time are taken into consideration in the planning board view. It’s possible to get an indication of distance to travel by selected resources. 

Ranking list

A ranked list of suitable employees for an operation can be displayed. The ranking is based on the service qualifications and availability for the time period specified.


The Multi Resource Scheduling scenario can be performed with or without integration into SAP HCM

Employee Master Data: Can integrate existing HR employees if integrated into HCM; if not integrated, employees are created as business partners in the role "employee"

Employee Availability Data:   If integrated with HCM, detailed availability data from the HR calendar can be displayed in Scheduler's Workplace. If not integrated with HCM, basic availability data/work schedule can be created for the employee

Employee Qualification Data: If integrated with HCM, existing HR employee or MRS qualifications are available. If not integrated, employee qualifications and qualifications catalog can be maintained.

A word about MRS Qualification Object (MRS 610 Only)

With MRS the Standard HR qualifications can be used. Alternatively, a new MRS qualification object can be used. This qualification object offers the following main advantages:

Possibility to define two-dimensional qualification matrices

Possibility to define “unstructured” qualifications (free text)

Much more detailed qualification matching algorithm (e.g., TREX search for unstructured qualifications) 

NOTE: It is possible to transfer the Standard HR qualifications into the MRS qualifications (Qualification Catalogues, Employee Profiles)

MRS Utilization

In MRS the utilization on work center level can be monitored

Utilization is dynamically calculated from networks, orders, assignments, and actual resource availability 

If you are interested in more information about maximizing workforce productivity, please see the sessions presented at HR 2010, 9-11 November, Barcelona, Spain.


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