Sourcing mobile apps might require new blood in the IT org

by Dave Hannon

September 2, 2010

SAP’s recent acquisition of Sybase has ramped up the anticipation around enterprise apps going mobile. From the user perspective, the possibilities here are real, vast and coming fast. Heck, I’m just a simple editor, but listening to the speakers at the presentation a couple weeks back had me ready to mobilize my ERP.

But for the IT and sourcing teams that will be evaluating and buying these mobile applications, the wave of mobile applications could present a challenge. Sure, there’s plenty of functionality that could go mobile, but the challenge is to decide what functionality your company needs to be mobile and when. And from there, the challenge is to accurately evaluate and purchase the new mobile technology.

A report out this week from Forrester Research says, “As the functionality of mobile applications increases, so does the expertise required to source these technologies. The increasing specialization and vertical market focus of mobile enterprise application vendors means that sourcing and vendor management professionals must work closely with business counterparts to ensure that they are connecting to the right vendors for specific business applications.”

And in addition to matching the right functionality and vendor to a real business need, there’s always the question of cost. How much should or will your IT organization pay for mobile applications? Benchmarking cost in a new area is always challenging for early adopters. 

It’s a new era for IT sourcing. And it may well require you bring in some brave new talent to your IT organization or at least move some people around. The good news is you have time. Take a hard look at your IT organization or your IT sourcing/procurement team to see if you have the right expertise in-house to monitor, evaluate and possibly pull the trigger on mobile applications when the time comes.

And if you don’t, it’s a good time to be hiring.

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Scott Wallask

9/25/2013 8:47:11 PM

Good points about determining the needs for mobile. I was just talking to an SAP customer today whose company spent time figuring out which SAP CRM sales functions to put on its sales reps' iPads. There's a formal process behind those decisions.