Tips and Roadmap For Developing End-User Training

by Steve Horn

April 28, 2011

This HR tip comes directly from a presentation I am delivering called “Best Practices for Designing and Delivering Effective SAP ERP HCM Training to End Users at the upcoming HR 2011 event 7-9 June in Amsterdam.


A Three-Phased Training Development Roadmap


 Recommendations for Phase 1: Design/Assessment

  • Get signoff on all deliverables

s  Need agreement on what will be delivered

  • Don’t fall behind early

s  This will affect the rest of your project timeline

  • Clearly communicate what you will need from your client counterparts to set expectations from the beginning

s  For example, time commitments, signoffs required, etc.


Recommendations for Phase 2: Development/Testing

  • Stick to agreed-upon scope for training

s  Avoid “scope creep”

  • Don’t underestimate the time it will take to set up the training system

s  Thoroughly test

  • Get signoff on final training materials
  • s  This will avoid any misunderstanding regarding scope/content of training

    • Allow adequate time for instructor preparation

    s  “Train-the-trainer” (TTT) sessions for trainers, facilitators, and subject matter experts (SMEs) will be key to preparing
    them to deliver dynamic training


    Recommendations for Phase 3: Deployment/Support

    • Expect problems

    s  Not everything will go perfectly during the first few training sessions

    • Listen to the feedback from your students

    s  They are your customers, and you need to evolve to meet their changing training needs

    • Training should not stop after go-live – it should be an ongoing process

    s  Go-live training is just the beginning

    • Don’t forget the knowledge transfer with the internal training team

    s  The internal team must be able to maintain the training system, manage the training materials, and deliver training after go-live

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