Want to Archive? Analyze Your Data First

by Andrea Haynes, Senior Editor, Financials and GRC, Wellesley Information Services

April 27, 2011

By Andrea Haynes, SAPexperts

BI Expert author Gaurav Sukhija recently consulted for a Fortune 100 technology company to help it decide which archiving method would best suit its needs. He says the client had multiple SAP R/3 environments that were being retired and was moving to an SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) environment. As part of the initiative, the client wanted to archive existing data from the R/3 environments.

In his BI Expert article “Use the Information Life Cycle to Determine Your Archiving Strategy” Gaurav takes you through the analysis required to choose that right archiving method. He writes that the tried and tested SAP Archive Development Kit (ADK) may be the most appropriate method for storing data that is infrequently required. The newer method of Near-Line Storage (NLS) is often best suited for relatively new data. The hybrid approach of ADK with NLS can prove to be the best bet when there is a need for diverse storage and retrieval capabilities. You make the choice, he notes, based on these factors:

 1. The extent of the need for online retrieva l 

 2. The duration (how old the data is) and the size of the historical data

3. The extent of response time during retrieval for historical reporting/analysis

4. User comfort, cost, and readiness for change

As for his technology client, it chose ADK for archiving and is now implementing it.
Gaurav, who is a senior SAP BW/BI consultant with Infosys Technologies Limited, has been consulting in the SAP Business Intelligence and data warehousing domain for Fortune 100 clients for close to seven years. He started his career during the SAP BW 3.x days and has over the years worked on several BW, BI, and BusinessObjects assignments. These include life cycle implementation projects, development, upgrade and support projects. He has worked in several capacities in leadership, data modeling and techno-functional roles with focus on the high tech manufacturing sector. He has also served as a trainer on SAP NetWeaver BW within Infosys. His areas of expertise include data modeling, data warehousing, and enterprise reporting. In his spare time, he enjoys going on hiking trips with his wife and indulging in tennis and swimming. He also enjoys different cuisines and likes experimenting with food.

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